Monday, January 30, 2012

Moments that Matter Most

This video was just what I needed this morning. Oh man let me tell you that everyone is right about being young and married and starting a family when finances are tight and it seems like every other option would have been the easier road. But when I start to feel overwhelmed I am somehow always reminded of the things that matter most. I have the {funniest, best, most adorable} husband ever. My due date is officially less than a week away. We both have amazing families. And we have our faith. Nobody ever said life would always be easy... actually they usually tell you the opposite and its true, sometimes life is tough. But the hard times never take away from what matters most unless you allow it to.

So here's to being thankful for awesome dads who unexpectedly bail you out of your washing machine dilemma, Tyson who's up so so early studying and needs a five minute snuggle break at 5am, and enjoying pregnancy for yet another day.