Monday, June 4, 2012


Yep.. its official... I'm exhausted! Being a mom is hard work! I must admit that these past few months have easily been the most: joyful, loving, tiring, frustrating, disappointing, fulfilling, amazing months of my life. Sometimes I think to myself... Nobody ever told me it was this hard! I then I remember... oh wait.. yes they did. But even though the hard days are terribly tiring, the good days are just oh-so good.

I am so grateful for this sweet girl's encouraging smiles that keep me going day after day. I'm thankful for the way she likes to hold onto my hair with her tiny little fingers. I am so thankful for morning spent snuggling as she lays in her footie pajamas. I am grateful that she lets me sing to her in my utterly-ordinary singing voice. And most of all I am just so grateful that I have the blessing of being a mom... but not just any mom, her mom.

But boy am I tired!