Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Timer

Guys this year has been full of holiday first. First year making Thanksgiving all on our own.. mostly. And it was a success.... except the stuffing.. which I totally screwed up. Totally. And now on Sunday will be my first time making Easter dinner. Our line up is looking a little like this:

» Glazed Easter Ham - Recipe from The Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond

» World Famous Homemade Crescent Rolls - Recipe from my Father-in-law, Kent (And let me tell you I have tried about a million and a half roll recipes and Kent's are hands-down the best!)

» Cheesy Potatoes - Recipe from Bena, handed down by her Mom.

» A Green Salad and Steamed Peas - Yes boring I know, but I love peas. Like probably more than most normal people. And Tyson is loving salad lately. I call it a win-win.

If we are feeling especially confident we may even throw a dessert in there.
On a separate note... I cannot believe this was only a year ago. #tbt to last year's Easter festivities.

Finished off with a little sister-in-law selfie action. Nice one Kass!