Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Silpat Review

Okay this review has taken me an ridiculously long amount of time to do. (More on why later) but seriously. way to long... and part of it was because I truly hate to admit that I didn't really like the product.

I have (and LOVE) the Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat. I use it all the time in place of wax paper when I'm baking or when I freeze food like lasagna roll ups or extra-ripe bananas. So I was super excited to try the Silpain by Silpat, a baking mat made especially for bread. But guys I just didn't love it. My favorite part about homemade bread it the slightly crunchy bottom toasted up to perfection. And I just didn't get that with the Silpain. I thought for sure the first time it had to be a user error... like maybe I had used it wrong? But the second time I had the same results. Bummer.

But go all in with the Silpat Baking Mat! Love that thing.