Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How to: Scrambled Eggs

So here's my story. I ran out of cleaning supplies as in, I had nothing. So after a day of attempting to conquer the world by organizing my life but accomplishing a whole lot of nothing, I loaded the girls and my scraggly-looking self into the car to run to the store. Oh ya, and we were totally out of diapers, as in not one single diaper left. 

Well we got there and I realized girl number one had no shoes on. Good start Shan good start. So I run and grab one of those gigantic kid carts and loaded up the girls, and the diaper bag, and a baby doll.. you know, just for good measure, and in we went.

Paper towel-check, laundry detergent-check, windex-check, hmmm now where did that list go?? Oh don't worry, Sis was eating it. The girl is obsessed with eating paper. So I snatched it from her slobbery baby fingers and tried to flatten it out, at which point she decided to scream, not because she was mad, nope, just for fun. And Monkey-girl decided to join in. Greeaaattttt. 

Finally the cart is full, the girls were still screaming, and I was just ready to check-out and get out of there when it dawns on me, what are we going to eat for dinner? I couldn't bare the thought of buying something for dinner knowing I was already spending an obscene amount of money. I ran through a list of dinner possibilities as we paid and proceeded to walk out, finally deciding on egg sandwiches. At which point some nice stranger points out that I forgot one of my bags, and then a lady runs up with my forgotten wallet and says, "The life of a mom." Oye.

So this method for scrambled eggs is one that Tyson learned via Gordon Ramsay. Now I'm sure this explanation won't do it justice, but this is the way I do it... 

Okay ready??

Take two eggs

Crack them into a bowl. I like to stick to a ratio of one egg yolk for every two egg whites, that way I get the added benefits of the yolk without overdoing it on the cholesterol. 

Next you are going to want to heat a nonstick pan over medium heat. Add a little butter and allow it to melt--just enough to barely coat the pan. Once the butter has just melted add your eggs and begin stirring with a heat resistant rubber spatula. 

The idea is to get a really creamy texture by placing the eggs on and off the heat as they cook and by stirring constantly. As you stir, the egg whites and yolk will combine to give almost a milky appearance. Begin by leaving it on the heat about 10 seconds or so, and then off the heat for maybe 5, being sure to never stop stirring. You will repeat this maybe 3-4 times. Remember, just keep stirring! :)

Once your eggs are close to finished but still wet in appearance, remove them from the heat and continue to stir allowing the heated pan to finish cooking your eggs.

Then season to taste.

Or throw them on an English muffin and voilĂ  - dinner!

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