Wednesday, October 1, 2014

30 Days of Sugar Free

When it comes to health I've always stuck to the philosophy, "All things in moderation." We make healthy educated choices where we can and try not to stress about the rest. Let's be honest, I definitely enjoy a little chocolate indulgence every once in awhile.

So it surprised me when, after reading this post over at Pinch of Yum that I was totally on board for giving life a trial run without refined sugar. We decided October was going to be our month and last night we last minute roped some friends into coming over to watch Fed Up and join us for our 30 day challenge. Poor guys had no idea what they were getting themselves into...

This video was fascinating. And heartbreaking... so heartbreaking. And it left me wanting to make a change not only for my health but for my sweet babies. It was just the motivation we needed to kick off our 30 days free of refined sugar.

So here we go, day one and I gotta tell you I'm so excited to experiment in the kitchen and find some new healthy staples for our family. We are planning on experimenting and learning to bake with natural sweeteners like raw honey, pure maple syrup, and agave. It's going to be a little bit of a learning curve but I love a good challenge. And if anyone has any tips... send em on over!

Ready, we go!