Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At This Moment

Making: a Halloween costume for sissy.
Cooking: nothing! We are headed to our neighbor's house for a birthday lunch.
Drinking: peach-pear sparkling water.
Reading: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child... one day she will sleep... one day.
Wanting: to buy Christmas presents... too soon??
Looking: like a hot mess.
Playing: "Welcome to New York" T. Swift style.
Wasting: time dancing with my favorite toddler.
Wishing: that sissy's cold would decide to be done. Stuffy noses and babies are a terrible combo.
Enjoying: Fall.
Waiting: for the laundry.
Liking: the way toddlers talk and the way they reason with you... very convincing.
Wondering: where the last year has gone.
Loving: that my monkey girl had a great day at preschool.
Hoping: that Tyson does well on his test this afternoon.
Marveling: at how much energy motherhood requires.
Needing: a date night.
Smelling: laundry detergent.
Wearing: baby snot... We aren't very glamorous around here this afternoon.
Following: Shawni's adventures in China.
Noticing: that I should really clean the kitchen.
Knowing: nap time is on the brink of being a thing of the past.
Thinking: about my best friend. Cancer isn't fair.
Bookmarking: 1st birthday party ideas.
Giggling: as sissy waddles down the hallway. I love that cute little toddle of a new walker.
Feeling: content.

Love this idea of taking stock from Sydney.