Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If Only You Knew

Oh this girl. My heart bursts at the seams for her. She is such a love. And so creative, artistic, and imaginative. She is funny and she loves to dance. She has the craziest memory, loves her little sis like nobody's business and she is her own person in the most amazing way. She is full to the brim with raw emotion... the best kind. But here's the thing, all that emotion trapped in a little two year old body is a struggle.

Because as loving and light-hearted, independent, and empathetic as this girl can be, wipe her nose the wrong way, and you better prepare yourself, because it's gonna be loud.
// insert tantrum //

It's a constant battle to try and help her to express that emotion and frustration in the right way, rather than the screaming two year old way.

It was late one night over the holidays when she had an especially trying and loud tantrum. Half-asleep, half-awake, she cried and fought and screamed... and I just couldn't get her to calm down. I could feel my patience wearing and passed her off to Ty. The whole family, spread throughout the house could hear her as the drama ensued. And at that moment I felt so vulnerable. I worried about how she was being perceived and started crying thinking that our family (who I might add, love her an unbelievable amount) may only be seeing her in her worst moments. That maybe they didn't see her and how amazing she really is. I found myself in the midst of my tears and heightened emotions thinking, "If only everyone could see her the way I do. If only they knew..."

And it was in this moment that I thought about our Heavenly Father and how many times He must think, "...if only they knew."

So often we see each other at our worst. And it's so easy to allow those moments to cloud our view of each other. But Father in Heaven knows us perfectly. He knows us at our worst and yet He sees us for our best intentions. He knows how amazing each of us truly are. Because He is our Father.

That night this girl taught me something yet again. Be patient with others. See them for their divine potential. Assume the best.