Sunday, May 17, 2015

At This Moment 02

Making: family memories. Family movie night - check.
Drinking: in the smell of the rain.
Reading: Children of the Promise.
Wanting: to go snuggle with my babies.
Looking: through family photos.
Wasting: time daydreaming about a future home.
Wishing: that sweet baby will sleep through the night.
Enjoying: this stage in life.
Waiting: for answers.
Wondering: what will graduation bring; where will it take us?
Loving: XO via John Mayer ♥
Hoping: I am enough.
Marveling: at how much my baby has grown.
Needing: to finish the laundry.
Wearing: cozy sweats, no makeup, and messy hair.
Following: the chocolate chip trail left behind by my favorite three year old. Bribery at its finest.
Noticing: that my girls have been playing and giggling all day. Sisters are the best.
Knowing: I need to be more patient.
Thinking: about mothering.
Bookmarking: recipes. Always.
Feeling: ready for sleep.